We swam and sunned as well as drank,

And found all heaven in a word;

But dearest Thea, to be frank,

I think we had the wine to thank

For most of what occurred.

-P.M. Hubbard

Since 1973, I have grown grapes and made wine; gardened and cooked; lived and loved on the North Fork of Long Island. In this resplendent place, there is always something new to learn and enjoy. Via my blog, please join me in my adventures here and in other parts of the world. Bring your curiosity and appetite.

Louisa Thomas Hargrave

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VinGlorious serves up information about wine and occasionally spirits. The intended audience is of legal drinking age in the country of residence. By reading the site you accept that you are of legal drinking age.
For my EU friends:
Journaliste responsable, en aucune façon je ne cautionne une consommation d'alcool déraisonnable. Une chronique vineuse qui se respecte n'incite pas à boire plus, elle permet de boire mieux, en pleine connaissance de cause. Ceux qui n'aiment pas le vin peuvent aller surfer ailleurs. Qu'ils n'en dégoûtent pas les autres. 

Wine Review Policy
I accept wines for review, with the caveat that I will only write about those that I find interesting. Once I receive wines, I will allow them to rest in a proper cellar environment. I will taste every bottle and give all the same amount of consideration, though I have no set schedule for doing so. For more information, questions, or my shipping address, please email me at louisahargrave @ hotmail dot com (no spaces).